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  • Is Your Pelvis Misaligned, or Do You Have an Anatomical Leg Length Inequality
    What is often diagnosed as a "misalignment" of the pelvis, can actually be an anatomical leg length inequality. Patient's with these leg length inequalities often present with one-sided knee, hip or sacroiliac joint pain. They will have been treated by other providers, who have attempted to treat correct the misalignment, but the symptoms return. Read more
  • First Responders Lose Everything in House Fire ... and Could Use a Little Help
    I usually refrain from posting anything that is not health oriented, but I thought I'd make an exception for this family.  They are my wife's relatives up in Tom's River, Read more
  • Is it a "slipped disc",
    Disc's do not slip out of place. They instead degenerate, bulge or herniate. Chiropractic care can help heal disc injuries. Read more
  • Test Blog iMatrix - 6/22/18
    This is a test blog. Please disregard.  Read more
  • Is this muscle pain?
    Most of the time when patients experience neck or back pain, they assume it is a muscle causing the symptom and they may not be wrong. They may not be completely correct either. Read more
  • How Does Gut Function Effect Brain Function
    Feeling anxious and depressed, having short term memory issues, or "brain fog"? It may be driven by your gut health. The gastrointestinal tract is a closed system within which digestion and absorption of nutrients occurs. Because of the enzyme spectrum, bacterial populations, immune and neurologic function; it is an extremely complicated aspect of our biology. Read more
  • Anxiety, Depression and Functional Medicine
    Undiagnosed; Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Insulin Resistance, Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), food intolerances or allergies and leaky gut syndrome are just a few of the conditions that can cause anxiety and depression. Read more
  • What is that popping sound when the chiropractor adjusts me?
    So what is a chiropractic adjustment from a physiologic level? Well ... we do not have full agreement in the chiropractic profession as to whether we are "aligning" vertebra and bones out of place, or restoring movement and reducing inflammation in joint "fixations". However, either way; the treatment is going to look very similar; manipulation or "adjustment" of the joint. To understand the physiology of what occurs at the joint level, some knowledge of the spinal anatomy would help. Read more
  • Under-diagnosed, over-medicated?
    Much of our work at Wake Forest Chiropractic is considered neuro-musculoskeletal care, or “structural health care.” However, because of changes in the health care system, coupled with a significant rise in disease among all age groups; we have had to broaden our practice. We now find ourselves required to play a role filling a gap in management of patient health through the field of Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition. Read more
  • Wake Forest Chiropractic and Functional Medicine
    What is Functional Medicine and why are patients seeking it?   Most people contact us because they have a condition and/or problem that has persisted in spite of Read more
  • Migraine or Cervicogenic Headache?
    Most of us are familiar with headaches and some of us are, unfortunately familiar with migraines.  Migraine headaches are thought to be caused by vascular, biochemical, neurotransmitter or neurological issues.  Read more
  • Addressing Concerns about Chiropractic Care and Stroke
    Unfortunately, someone in America dies from stroke every four minutes. While many people are familiar with the signs and symptoms of the most common forms of stroke, which tend to Read more
  • Although our Lab has passed on
    A little over a week ago our 161/2 year old Chocolate Lab Guinevere passed away.  I bring this up for a few reasons.  First because we miss her, let's just Read more
  • How does gluten cause illness and auto-immune disorders?
    Read more
  • Confused about nutrition and diet?
    A great deal of Dr. Phelan's practice is dedicated to nutritional counseling, diet, identifying auto-immune disorders and dispelling the confusion.  Feel free to contact the office if you'd like more Read more
  • Can my Headache be coming from my neck?
    Often headaches, even severe ones are being caused by problems in the neck.  These are called "Cervicogenic Headaches".  These headaches are referred pain, caused by joint stiffness and irritation to nerves Read more


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