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  • Under-diagnosed, over-medicated?
    Much of our work at Wake Forest Chiropractic is considered neuro-musculoskeletal care, or “structural health care.” However, because of changes in the health care system, coupled with a significant rise in disease among all age groups; we have had to broaden our practice. We now find ourselves required to play a role filling a gap in management of patient health through the field of Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition. Read more
  • Wake Forest Chiropractic and Functional Medicine
    What is Functional Medicine and why are patients seeking it?   Most people contact us because they have a condition and/or problem that has persisted in spite of Read more
  • Migraine or Cervicogenic Headache?
    Most of us are familiar with headaches and some of us are, unfortunately familiar with migraines.  Migraine headaches are thought to be caused by vascular, biochemical, neurotransmitter or neurological issues.  Read more
  • Addressing Concerns about Chiropractic Care and Stroke
    Unfortunately, someone in America dies from stroke every four minutes. While many people are familiar with the signs and symptoms of the most common forms of stroke, which tend to Read more
  • Although our Lab has passed on
    A little over a week ago our 161/2 year old Chocolate Lab Guinevere passed away.  I bring this up for a few reasons.  First because we miss her, let's just Read more
  • How does gluten cause illness and auto-immune disorders?
    Read more
  • Confused about nutrition and diet?
    A great deal of Dr. Phelan's practice is dedicated to nutritional counseling, diet, identifying auto-immune disorders and dispelling the confusion.  Feel free to contact the office if you'd like more Read more
  • Can my Headache be coming from my neck?
    Often headaches, even severe ones are being caused by problems in the neck.  These are called "Cervicogenic Headaches".  These headaches are referred pain, caused by joint stiffness and irritation to nerves Read more
  • Gluten
    As an alternative health care provider (chiropractor), I've been studying and practicing clinical nutrition for the better part of 30 years.  Given the dietary recommendations over the years, food products/supplements Read more
  • An Alternative to CPAP Machines for Apnea
    Millions of Americans are suffering from sleep apnea and the health risks that come from it.  Traditionally, treatment has meant wearing a CPAP machine at night to force ventilation.  The Read more


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